Thursday, May 11, 2006

What does a "Cheese and Bacon Pie" mean to you?

Quiche? Or something with lots of cheese and bacon?

It was around midnight in Sydney (I wrote that just so that it sounds more mysterious) that I got one of these "Cheese and Bacon Pies" from 7-11. It tastes mainly like it was made of beef and in fact, a closer look at the ingredients said that the cheese and the bacon forms only 12% of the product (in weight, if I remember correctly). How's that for misleading advertising? It was still a good pie though.

What was that not-so-old adage? Something like "we live in a world where lemonade contains no lemon but detergent does".


jfklein said...

Vince Staten's "Can You Trust a Tomato in January" had a line like that, something about there being more lemon in lemon-scented Pledge than in a certain brand of lemonade.

casey said...

So what was the other 88%? :)