Thursday, August 10, 2006

The fun of politics 2: Tuckey vs Beazley

If you think the antics inside Australian parliament are funny, wait till you see our favourite politicians outside of parliament. Wilson Tuckey, a hard right-wing government member takes on I'm-trying-be-prime-minister-for-the-3rd-time, Opposition Leader, Kim Beazley:

Beazley: Take your tablets mate.
Tuckey: Don't you insult me with tablets ... I am as entitled to stand here as you are.
Beazley: Why don't you take your weak worthless self in there with the weak worthless legislation?
Tuckey: Don't you call me weak and worthless you [mouths "stupid"] fat so and so.

But there's nothing like the actual video. Use one of the following links from most direct to least (sometimes, embedded video in Linux can be painful):

Direct WMV Stream

Page with embedded stream

Commentary (click on "clip")

Google News search (it's hard to get to the original story as it seems to have been censored off most news sites' main pages)

This whole confrontation was about the government's proposed, tough, new immigration laws that will have boat people being imprisoned at sea! In fact, so tough that several government members later crossed the floor and one resigned. Notice that Beazley was caught off guard in that video and accused the legislation of being "weak", as Tuckey picked up on.

Other interesting happenings include an opposition member bringing in a
stuffed chicken (check out the pic!), getting ejected from parliament along with a fellow member who exclaimed "such a poultry offence" (pun intended).

Lastly, sorry, I haven't checked my email for a few days. I'm very busy but just couldn't help but put up this gag that made my day. I'll deal with email and LCA preparations on Sunday (I promise this time). If something's urgent, please email me through my yahoo account.

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