Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sydney meeting

As Seb Ruiz writes, we met up with Brad Hards last night in the city. See Seb's blog for photos.

Some interesting KDE trivia that was shared around was that:

* Kopete is apparently pronounced cop-it-tay, not co-pete

* Krita can be read as kri-ta instead of krit-a


Thomas said...

Actually, to me, co-pete sounds way better than cop-it-tay

Diederik said...

Funny, I always pronounce it as co-pete and kri-ta. Perhaps it's because I'm Dutch.

knnth said...

Isn't Kopete proncounced Kop-it-tih? As in, the Spanish way? Here is a soundbite, from the Kopete FAQ:

fred said...

I find it funny, since "kri-tah" sounds too much like "kree" "jaffa"
as in Stargate SG-1.

kri or kree means "listen up!" or "Pay attention" or even "Yoo Hoo!" as in 3rd season episode 6:
sounds like this:,kree.wav

and "ta" as in:
Kas'Nik'Tah : Someone who is annoying ...

So, kree-tah would actually mean:
"Attention everyone, someone is annoying!"

lollll rotfl

- my 2 cents